Mr. Sione Fo’i’akau Lolohea Appointed as the new Government Statistician for Tonga

On 11th April 2023, Mr. Sione Fo’i’akau Lolohea of Tu’anuku, Vava’u, was appointed as the new Government Statistician for the Tonga Statistics Department, effective on the same day.

Mr. Lolohea brings a formidable background to his role as the Government Statistician. He holds a Master’s degree in Social Science and Demography with First Class Honours from the Waikato University, New Zealand (2016). He also holds a Bachelor Degree in Geography Population and Marine Affairs from the University of the South Pacific (2001), and another Bachelor degree in Social Science from the ‘Atenisi University, Tonga (1990).

Prior to Mr. Lolohea’s appointment as Government Statistician, he has been serving as an Assistant Government Statistician since 2017. However, his career in Government started as an Assistant Graduate Teacher at the Ministry of Education in February 2002 and was later promoted and transferred to the position of Statistician at the Tonga Statistics Department in August 2003. Over the years, Mr. Lolohea was promoted to various senior positions within the Tonga Statistics Department, including Senior Statistician in September 2008, and Principal Statistician in June 2017. Since the departure of the former Government Statistician in August 2022, Mr. Lolohea has been the Acting Government Statistician.

The Statistics Department is delighted to welcome the new Government Statistician, Mr. Sione Fo’i’akau Lolohea, today on April 12th, 2023, the Prime Minister and Minister for Tonga Statistics Department, Hon. Hu’akavameiliku graced the office of the Statistics Department with his presence, joining the staff in welcoming Mr. Sione Lolohea and wishing him success in his 4-year term in office.

The Statistics Department is delighted to warmly welcome Mr. Sione Fo’i’akau Lolohea as the new Government Statistician, marking a significant milestone for the Department and Tonga’s National Statistical System. On 12th April 2023, the Hon. Hu’akavameiliku, the Prime Minister and Minister for Tonga Statistics Department, joined the staff in congratulating Mr. Sione Lolohea and extending well wishes for his successful four-year term in office.