On the 27th of April, an Information Sharing Workshop was conducted by the Tonga Statistics Department for its staff as an opportunity for the staff members to learn more about the work being done by other programs/divisions and to share their own knowledge and insights. By decreasing the silos within the department, staff members can work together more effectively and efficiently towards achieving the overall goal of improving the National Statistical System (NSS).

This workshop serves as a platform for staff members that took part in external trainings/workshops to share their key takeaways as a great way to promote continued learning and development within the department, and peer-to-peer sharing. This can help to enhance the knowledge and skills of staff members and improve the quality of data produced by the NSS.

The Statistical Coordination Program took the initiative to organize this workshop and promote knowledge sharing within the department. The hope is that this will lead to increased and continuous collaboration and effectiveness in the work being produced by the Department.


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