Our Framework

National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) 2019-2023 also known as the Tonga Strategy for the Development of Statistics (TSDS) 2019-2023, is Tonga’s national framework aimed at mainstreaming statistics into national policy and planning process; producing information responding to the needs of the various users; mainstreaming sectors and other players into the National Statistics System (NSS); coordinating the entire NSS; responding to data challenges; delivering a country-led data revolution; and building statistical capacity with all members of the NSS.

The process to elaborate and implement an NSDS is consultative and inclusive; it should involve all the major actors from the NSS: producers and users of statistics, decision makers, technical and financial partners, civil society, private sector, universities, etc​.

Tonga National Statistical System

Data is important to collect, to analyze correctly, to disseminate and be accessible to everyone and to be used too.

Tonga Strategy for Development of Statistics 2019_2023