Statistics Day

Statistics Day is an occasion to educate the public on issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to address global problems, and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity in the Statistics arena.


At its 41st Session in February 2010, the United Nations Statistical Commission proposed celebrating 20 October 2010 as World Statistics Day (Decision 41/109).

Acknowledging that the production of reliable, timely statistics and indicators of countries’ progress is indispensable for informed policy decisions and monitoring implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, the General Assembly adopted on 3 June 2010 resolution 64/267, which officially designated 20 October 2010 as the first ever World Statistics Day under the general theme “Celebrating the many achievements of official statistics.”

In 2015, with resolution 96/282, the General Assembly decided to designate 20 October 2015 as the second World Statistics Day under the general theme “Better data, better lives,” as well as to celebrate World Statistics Day every five years on 20 October.

In 2020, the third World Statistics Day was celebrated under the new theme “Connecting the world with data we can trust”.

Tonga Statistics Department began celebrating Statistics Day annually since 2016.

Report launches on World Statistics Day

      Two reports were launched on World Statistics Day. Tonga's Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals Tonga MICS 2019: Survey Findings Report (MICS dataset also available but upon request to Ms. Telekaki Latavao) Both reports are rich with indicators on...

2020 World Statistics Day

Celebrating World Statistics Day 2020  October 20th, Tonga  The Tonga Statistics Department along with many Statistical Offices worldwide celebrated World Statistics Day. 2020's World Statistics Day The third World Statistics Day theme is "Connecting the world...