Population and Housing Census

Lisi ‘initaviu ki he lakanga Savea Tohi Kakai 2021 ki Tongatapu (Konga 2) – COMPLETED

Lisi eni 'o e kau 'initaviu ki Tongatapu ni ki he Konga 2 (ngaahi tohi talangaue ia na’e ‘osi ‘i he 31 ‘Aokosi 2021). Vakai ki he fanongonongo 'i lalo, mo e lisi ki he 'aho Pulelulu - Falaite (22 - 24 Sepitema 2021)[wpmf_pdf_embed...

Lisi ‘initaviu ki he lakanga Savea Tohi Kakai 2021 ki Ha’apai, ‘Eua mo Vava’u – COMPLETED

Ko kinautolu eni 'e 'initaviu 'i Ha'apai ki he lakanga Savea Fakataimi ki he Tohi Kakai 2021 fakataha mo e 'aho/taimi 'e fakahoko ai ho'o mou 'initaviu.  [wpmf_pdf_embed...

‘Initaviu ki he ngaahi lakanga savea Tohi Kakai 2021 – COMPLETED

Ko e lisi eni 'o kinautolu 'e 'initaviu ki he lakanga Savea fakataimi ki he Tohi Kakai 2021 fakataha mo e 'aho/taimi 'e fakahoko ai ho 'initaviu. Kataki fakatokanga'i ange 'oku konga 'e 2 'a e 'initaviu 'e fakahoko, 'o fakatatau ki he taimi na'e tu'uaki. Ko kinautolu...

Census advocacy at the FWC Conference 2021

In order to promote more of the organization's work, the Department has set up a stall at the 97th Free Weslyan Church Conference grounds in 'Eua. There Stats Officers are stationed to answer any queries about their work and advocate more knowledge on the Population...

Preparations for Population Census 2021:  November 30th 2021

Pre-Population Census 2021 Activities

Tonga Household Listing 2021   April 2021 saw the department carrying out its household listing activity. The household listing accounts for all households in Tonga in a certain period of time. As part of the pre-census activities, it was...

Census 2021: What will happen in November 2021.

CENSUS – 2016

The Census is the official count of population, dwellings and households in Tonga and it provides a ‘snapshot’ of the country at one specific point in time: 30th of November 2016. A Tonga Census has been taken once in every ten years since 1956.

The census provides a unique source of detailed demographic, social and economic data relating the entire population and its most precious resource of its people. This information is used for policy making and planning, monitoring and evaluation, research and other decision‐making.

The census is often the primary source of information such as used for allocation of public funding, especially in areas such as health, education and social policy. The main users of this information are the government, local authorities, education facilities (such as schools and tertiary organizations), businesses, community organizations and the public in general.

This population census 2016 is the second population census by 5 year interval or after 5 years from the previous census in 2011. This was requested by the Electoral Boundary Commission (EBC) according to its Act 2010. Of this Electoral Boundary Commission Act 2010, Section 21 (1) & (2) states;

(1) To facilitate the second determination of boundaries under this Act, the Minister responsible for the administration of the Statistics Act shall cause a general population census to be carried out before the next General Election. (2) The Government Statistician shall certify and provide to the Commission such information,calculations and projections that the Commission may require to enable it to perform its functions under this Act.



Census reports

The latest census was conduct in 2016 and the report is available below for download below

Contact Person:  Mr. Sione F. Lolohea

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