Statistical Innovation & Capacity Building in Tonga (SICBT/PacStat) Project

The project’s objective is to improve the quality and efficiency of welfare data collection, and accessibility to comparable welfare data in Tonga.

Project components include:

  • Innovation and capacity building in data collection
  • Institutional strengthening

 Innovation and Capacity Building in Data Collection

2 Household Income and Expenditure Surveys (HIES)

  • HIES 2020/21
  • HIES 2024/25

Data collection for Economic Statistics

  • Update CPI based on the HIES 2020/21
  • Fund price data collection in 4 new areas: Food Price Index, Producer Price Index (PPI), Building Material Price Index (BMPI), and Import Price Index (IPI)
  • Support development and collection of data for a newly established Tourism Satellite Account
  • Support development and collection of data for the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA)

Data collection to improve early warning systems for natural disasters

  • Support the purchasing of geo-tagging hardware for Census 2021
  • Enable the Department’s work in producing national / subnational exposure risk maps

Institutional strengthening

Analytical training
Data and research dissemination
Improvements to the Department’s office

Statistical Innovation and Capacity Building in Tonga (SICBT/PacStat) Project.

TOR SEEA Assistant

For any queries on the HIES 2020/21 please contact Ms. Telekaki Latavao.

For any queries on the overall project, please contact Project Coordinator   Mr. Maletino Hola

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