Economic Statistics

Economics Statistics Program of the Tonga Statistics Department aims to provide high quality statistics on timely basis to assist evidence-based decision making and responsive to emerging demands at all levels. Data used are statistically collected and processed in statistical methods and standards. This is also statistically compiled and analyzed and disseminated. Reports are made available from Statistics Department and will also be available from the Department’s website.

Summary of Latest Economic Statistics

National Account



Growth Rate 2018-19 0.7%
Real GDP TOP1,028.2million
GPD per capita TOP10,328
Manufacturing Production

Not updated yet


Consumer Price Index
2019 August
Inflation rate 6.0
Monthly Change (%) 0.5
All items 100.5  
Local 99.6
Import 101.1
International Merchandise Trade
2012 Quarter 2  T$(000)
Domestic Export 9,269,408
Re-export 2,556,321
Total Export 11,825,729,
Import 158,919,962
Balanace of Trade -147,084,233
Balance of Payment
 2017-2018 T$(000)
Balance of Goods and Service 480,191
Balance of Primary Income 65,559
Personal Transfer
Balance of Current Account 63,527
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