Economic Statistics

Economics statistics is a topic in applied statistics that concerns the collection, processing, compilation, dissemination and analysis of economic data.Analyses within economic statistics both make use of and provide the empirical data needed in economic research,  whether descriptive or econometric.

Summary of Latest Economic Statistics

National Account
2015-16p T$(million)
GPD (current prices) per capita 889.5
GPD (constant prices) per capita 828.9
Manufacturing Production

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Consumer Price Index
2019 August
Inflation rate 6.0
Monthly Change (%) 0.5
All items 100.5  
Local 99.6
Import 101.1
International Merchandise Trade
2012 Quarter 2  T$(000)
Domestic Export 9,269,408
Re-export 2,556,321
Total Export 11,825,729,
Import 158,919,962
Balanace of Trade -147,084,233
Balance of Payment
 2017-2018 T$(000)
Balance of Goods and Service 480,191
Balance of Primary Income 65,559
Personal Transfer
Balance of Current Account 63,527