The Tonga Statistics Department publishes a series of annual reports on the current growth trend of the Tonga’s manufacturing industry. The objectives of these reports is to; provide an overview of the current growth trends of Tonga’s manufacturing production, employment and wages/salaries by ISIC Division, Island Division and Institutional Sector; provide some data for the components of National Account; and to provide information on the performance of manufacturing industries for planners, policy makers and the general public.

To collect data for these reports the Department launched a regular quarterly survey of Manufacturing Production, Employment and Wages/Salaries since 1983, but due to short-staff there was a gap in the publications of the reports from 2008 – 2013. For there is still a need to meet objectives and the demands of users, the Department presents these reports as the latest depiction of current growth trends in the overall manufacturing sector in Tonga.


Contact Person: ‘Ilaisaane Fonua