The Village Profile outreach project, an on-going project by the department since late last year, is still going strong. Travelling directly to each district, the Statistics team provides information specifically on every village. This project is an avenue for the department to give the information back to the people, ensuring that it is accessible to everyone in the village and district level.The information presented was collected in the Population Census 2016 and presented by the team via presentations and booklets at the venue.  Information included in the village profiles are on their population and demography, disability figures, employment and unemployment rates and household profiles to name a few. Information that district and village leaders would find important for their planning, decision making and development.From last year to date, villages covered are those in the districts of Lapaha, Nukunuku, Kolovai, Tatakamotonga, Kolomotu’a, Vaini and ending with Kolofo’ou on 20th February, before the team moves on to Vava’u.

The Statistics Department as the official statistics provider for Tonga is mandated to carry out censuses and surveys. Data is collected from organizations and from the general public to be analysed and then publicized in the form of reports. This is an initiative by the department to widen the opportunities people have to know their information in a more user accessible way.

Village Profile

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