The Tonga National Vital Statistics Report 2018-2020 provides statistics on births and deaths that occurred during 2018-2020. The Tonga Statistics Department(TSD), Ministry of Health (MOH), and Ministry of Justice (MOJ) worked together to compile this report. It provides a picture on:

  • Births and Fertility
  • Mortality
  • Causes of Death.

Several agencies within the Government of Tonga collect and maintain vital statistics data. These include:

1. Civil registration data collected by the Registrar General Office at the Ministry of Justice (MOJ);

2. Other continuous administrative sources at the Ministry of Health (MOH) such as the Live Birth certificates database, Death database of Medical Certificates of Cause-of-Death, and, consolidated monthly nursing reports from the Reproduction Health Services; as well as

3. Periodic sources by the Tonga Statistics Department such as censuses and population surveys.

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