About Us


  • TSDF outcomes are facilitated.


  • Improved corporate governance and government efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Better and informative organizational decision making; evidence-based decision making is practised.
  • Informative debate is developed and practiced / research and learning is encouraged.
  • Instructive development of good policies and healthier delivery of effective programmes.


  • High quality statistics are provided on timely basis to aid evidence-based decision making, encourage debate and research and aid in the development of good policies.
  • Improved advise to organisations / agencies in the collection and compilation of their own data and enhanced support to organizations / agencies in data collection, compilation and analysis.

Sectorial List

Dr. Viliami Konifelenisi Fifita

Dr. Viliami Konifelenisi Fifita

Government Statistician

Head of Tonga Statistics Department

Mr. Sione F. Lolohea

Mr. Sione F. Lolohea

Deputy Government Statistician

Head of the Statistical Advice & Capacity Assistance Division

Mrs. Masiva'ilo Masila

Mrs. Masiva'ilo Masila

Principal Statistician

Head of the Statistical Services Division
& Economic Real Sector Program Manager

This photo was taken on 14 November 2019 after the visit of the Minister to our Department.