In 2024, Tonga is set to conduct the highly anticipated Tonga National Agriculture Census (TNAC), a pivotal initiative that promises to capture a comprehensive snapshot of the nation’s agricultural landscape. This ambitious endeavor aims to delve into various facets, including the size of agricultural holdings, land tenure, land use patterns, harvested areas, irrigation practices, livestock statistics, labor dynamics, and other crucial agricultural inputs.

Highlighting the significance of this undertaking, the Tonga Statistics Department hosted the inaugural Questionnaire Stakeholder Consultation on January 25, 2024. The event witnessed an impressive turnout of over 20 participants, who actively engaged in substantive discussions throughout the session.

Tonga Statistics Department extends heartfelt appreciation to key partners, including MTED, MAFF, NEMO, MLNR, and Fisheries, for their unwavering support and demonstrated commitment to the success of TNAC 2024. Their collaborative efforts undoubtedly contribute to the integrity and comprehensiveness of this vital initiative.