Stats NZ launched a Community of Practice for data analysts within the Government of Cook Island as part of its technical support to Cook Island.

Our very own Project Coordinator for the Statistical Innovation and Capacity Building for Tonga  (SICBT) PacStats-T project, @Ana Soakai Takai, had the opportunity to participate as a facilitator in the “Working with Data Community in Practice” initiative held in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Ana joined with the exciting aim of implementing a similar program here in Tonga later this year, as part of the SICBT-PacStats project in Tonga.

This 3-day workshop brought together government ministries to share their expertise in utilizing data within their departments. The goal? To cultivate a strong community of core members who can independently analyze data with the support of sponsors.

We are so grateful to Stats New Zealand for this valuable opportunity and cannot wait to see the data-driven future unfold in Tonga! ✨

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