Nuku’alofa, Tonga – February 23, 2024 – The Tonga Statistics Department (TSD), in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) and the South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO), is pleased to announce the successful soft launch of Tonga’s first International Visitor Survey Report.

This is a significant achievement that resulted from the joint efforts of Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Statistical Innovation and Capacity Building (SICBT) PacStats – Tonga Project with the Tonga Statistics Department (TSD), and the South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO).

This achievement would not have been possible without the generous funding of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (NZMFAT), which supported the overall IVS project for SPTO members.

The release of this report not only signifies the successful completion of our collaboration with AUT on this IVS project but also underscores the strengthening of the relationship between TSD, the Ministry of Tourism, and the SPTO. It is a testament to all involved parties’ dedication and hard work.

The International Visitor Survey Report for January to April 2023 is now available on TSD’s website. The report is based on responses from visitors who participated in an online survey distributed via email by AUT in collaboration with the TSA Unit of Tonga Statistics Department. The report offers valuable insights into Tonga international visitors’ preferences, behaviours and experiences, and their economic impact on the country.

The International Visitors Survey (IVS) highlights:

  • Visitor satisfaction was ranked highly, with the friendly local population and water-based attractions and cultural activities receiving a very good ranking.
  • Most of the visitors surveyed (VFR, Business and Holiday categories) preferred staying at hotels and lodges.
  • Influential factors for their trips mainly were through word of mouth from family and friends.
  • Economic impact per trip was TOP 2,874, with daily economic impact from each visitor estimated at TOP 327.
  • The least appealing aspects of Tonga as a tourist destination were the facilities, infrastructure, poor customer service, and poor maintenance of the surroundings. However, there are “rooms for improvements and rebuild something on the beaches”.
  • Most visitors to Tonga were from NZ (43%) and Australia (24%).
  • Responses from this survey (covered about 5% of all air visitors to Tonga during this period), covered 494 adults and 140 children

Thanks to our visitors for sharing their feedback through our survey. It helps us to understand the complex dynamics of the tourism sector. This is just the beginning of the Tonga Statistics Department’s provision of regular reports on crucial tourism statistics to support investors and policymakers in implementing the tourism recovery plan.

The IVS Report and it’s Summary can be found here:

IVS Tonga Report 

IVS Tonga Summary

For more information, please contact:

Ativeniana Pomana

Assistant Government Statistician & Head of Economics

Tonga Statistics Department


Phone: 23-300