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Tonga Household Listing 2021


April 2021 saw the department carrying out its household listing activity. The household listing accounts for all households in Tonga in a certain period of time.

As part of the pre-census activities, it was intended to provide an estimation for effective planning of the actual census enumeration period. It is amongst the most crucial activities of which the results may provide an estimation depending on the collection method.

This year’s listing was unique as it was a task that trial ran the revised statistical boundaries, the output of the Re-boundary activity – Tonga Statistical Geography Framework (TSGF) project in 2020 . When completed, the listing would provide the pre-count of the number of households with its corresponding precise location at different geographical levels.

The aim of all such listing activities is to up-date TSD’s population household list to aid planning for data collection in the upcoming census and later on, national surveys. From the household listing of 2021, there is a total of 21,230 households, were 20,990 are private households and 240 are institutions.

Please click HERE for the report.


Tonga Statistical Geography Framework (TSGF) project

There was a need to revise the boundary framework for the upcoming Population Census 2021.

Identified from previous population censuses, the census block boundaries were unclear and some were either too large or too small which impacts the efficiency and accuracy during data collection.

It was also acknowledged that users also demand data at semi-village level which could not be met given the current framework.

TSD carried out its Tonga Statistical Geography Framework (TSGF) project in 2020 in-order to address the issues of censuses past.

From census units that averaged from 60 – 80 households, the revised census units averaged to 20 – 30 households for the upcoming census. The TSGF also ensured that the boundaries of village, district and island division were still maintained. Overall from this project, there are 383 census blocks which contains a total of 754 census units.

Not only will the this be more manageable during data collection but better results and information to address user demands.

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